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İstanbul Cerrahi Hastanesi Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Mikrocerrahi Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş., the owner of Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital, was founded in 1994 by 3 physicians and 5 entrepreneurs. It continued to provide service in Nişantaşı which is one of the high-profile town of Istanbul in 13-storey hospital having 5,500m2 indoor area in 1997.

It has continued to provide healthcare services for the patients with its physician staff who provides service in every field and department of the medicine and with its administration having a broad vission since 1994.

It provides service in such departments as Cardiovascular Surgery, Woman and Child Health, In vitro Fertilization (Test-tube baby), Aesthetics and Neurosurgery, deals with patients’ rights and responsibilities and informs its patients about them.

Situated at the center of Istanbul, Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital has adopted the principle of providing continuous healthcare services for the patients coming from abroad with its biomedical technological equipment and expert medical staff.

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Estemedi is a free consultancy service that connects you with medical facilities, hospitals, institutions, clinics and specialists experienced in their fields for all your medical healthcare needs. We asisst you to select the most appropriate facility and doctor / specialist among healthcare organizations in our continuously expanding network for the treatment you need in many areas of health such as aesthetics, eye health, hair transplantation, dental aesthetics and treatment, IVF-infertility treatment, orthopedics, cardiac, vascular and more…


Address : Caferağa Mah. General Asım
Gündüz Cad. No: 55/11
Kadıköy / Moda /İstanbul

Phone : +90 (541) 841 58 58

E-mail : [email protected]

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