Organ Transplant


Your assistant who knows about the patient and speaks your language to communicate with you, welcomes you at the airport with an ambulance or wheelchair in accordance with health conditions. Your assistant will provide you with accommodation and all your transfers during treatment.

If desired, a trip will be made for the promotion of the city on the first day and then you will meet with your doctor face to face.

The next stage; Your treatment starts according to the appointment day After your treatment, if you have a plan, your historical and cultural trip begins.

Final checks are made before returning to your country Finally, you will be transferred to the airport to check out and return to your country.


Estemedi best health services, offering treatment to patients who want to be in Turkey with affordable prices.

The treatment and Turkey's unique nature, history and culture, bringing a wealth of opportunities to make comfortable holiday lets The patient can contact the form, phone or whatsapp line on the Estmedi website.

When you want to contact us, we call you and make the necessary organization between the institution where the treatment will be performed and the doctor.

We receive the preliminary reports (MR, X-Ray, Etc etc.) you have received about your disease and your information and deliver it to the institution and the doctor who will perform the treatment. As a result of these reports, we inform you in detail about the course of treatment.

If treatment fees, accommodation or extra holidays are required, they will be calculated according to your preferences and forwarded to you. Your finalized plan is sent to you and you are expected to confirm it

Price range for Organ Transplant:

surgery and hospital expenses, accommodation : 1500 USD - 2500 USD
Day trip in Istanbul: 500 USD - 750 USD
air transportation round trip: 1200 USD -2000 USD

Organ Transplant

Currently it is accepted that the best method in the treatment of organ failure in respect of life quality and length of life is organ transplantation. Organ transplantation is the transfer from one body to the other of the whole or a part of the healthy organ given by the donor to be placed in place of the damaged or inoperative organ of the receiver. According to the organ donated the donor could be a living person or cadaver. Kidney transplant, liver transplant and bone marrow transplant are the most frequently applied organ transplantation kinds. In addition to those, nowadays through the recent developments in the field of medicine many organs of the human body can be transplanted.

The biggest problem regarding organ transplantation is having few donors. For this reason in many countries it is tried to increase organ donation by arranging campaigns which promote voluntary donation. Anybody over the age 18 and whose mental health is good may donate part or whole of their organs. In order to have organ transplantation it is required that there is blood type and tissue compatibility between the donor and the receiver. Besides these medical emergency situation is also an important matter in order to make the decision for organ transplantation.

Organ transplantation is realized with the organs taken from donors who are alive or people whose brain death has occured and who do not have the chance to go back to life. While in certain situations like kidney transplant the whole of the organ has to be transplanted, sometimes transplantation of only a part of the organ is sufficient as it is seen in liver and pancreas transplantation. If the organ transplantation is going to be realized by the donation of a living person, it is required that there are two of that organ in the body of the donor. If the organ transplantation is going to be made from cadaver, it is very important that the organ to be taken has not been damaged yet. For this it has to be ensured that after the brain death is realized, organs are transplanted without losing time. New expectations arise every day through the advances made in the world of medicine, especially in the area of organ transplantation, organ donations becoming wider and the rise of technological standards.

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