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Your assistant who knows about the patient and speaks your language to communicate with you, welcomes you at the airport with an ambulance or wheelchair in accordance with health conditions. Your assistant will provide you with accommodation and all your transfers during treatment. If desired, a trip will be made for the promotion of the city on the first day and then you will meet with your doctor face to face. The next stage; Your treatment starts according to the appointment day After your treatment, if you have a plan, your historical and cultural trip begins. Final checks are made before returning to your country Finally, you will be transferred to the airport to check out and return to your country.


Estemedi best health services, offering treatment to patients who want to be in Turkey with affordable prices. The treatment and Turkey's unique nature, history and culture, bringing a wealth of opportunities to make comfortable holiday lets The patient can contact the form, phone or whatsapp line on the Estmedi website. When you want to contact us, we call you and make the necessary organization between the institution where the treatment will be performed and the doctor. We receive the preliminary reports (MR, X-Ray, Etc etc.) you have received about your disease and your information and deliver it to the institution and the doctor who will perform the treatment. As a result of these reports, we inform you in detail about the course of treatment. If treatment fees, accommodation or extra holidays are required, they will be calculated according to your preferences and forwarded to you. Your finalized plan is sent to you and you are expected to confirm it

Price range for Eye Surgery:

surgery and hospital expenses, accommodation : 1500 USD - 2500 USD
Day trip in Istanbul: 500 USD - 750 USD
air transportation round trip: 1200 USD -2000 USD

Eye Surgery

Eye is one of the most sensitive organs of our body. Before, during and after the eye surgery attention and expertise at the highest level is required. Our eye health may be destroyed because of congenital reasons, environmental factors or age but by means of recent advances in the field of eye surgery now many sicknesses are not seen as "fate".

Eye surgery can be used for many eye diseases. Cataract which is one of the most widely seen sicknesses is not possible to be treated by using drugs or prescription glasses. Therefore, cataract patients are required to undergo surgery. In the treatment of cataract which occurs in case of the natural lens in the eye losing its transparency, a new eye lens is put in place of the eye lens which has lost its transparency through a surgical intervention. Eye pressure which is called glaucoma is a sickness which is caused by the pressure inside the eye being high and which may lead to blindness if it is not diagnosed early and treated. Cornea transplant is another eye surgery operation. The transparency of the cornea which is the name given to the transparent tissue in the front section of the eye may be deformed due to various factors. Deformation in the shape of the cornea in keratoconus disease requires transplantation through a surgical intervention.

The method which is the most frequently used in refractive surgery which is the field of surgery regarding treatment of the refractory defects in the eye is LASIK. This method is painless and can be applied in a short time. It also does not involve any needle and stitching operation to the eye. By means of LASIK which is mostly known as laser treatment, every year the eyes of millions of people regain their health.

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Estemedi is a free consultancy service that connects you with medical facilities, hospitals, institutions, clinics and specialists experienced in their fields for all your medical healthcare needs. We asisst you to select the most appropriate facility and doctor / specialist among healthcare organizations in our continuously expanding network for the treatment you need in many areas of health such as aesthetics, eye health, hair transplantation, dental aesthetics and treatment, IVF-infertility treatment, orthopedics, cardiac, vascular and more…


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